Yellow lupinLupinus luteus

Flowering: March to July

April - Pinar del Rey

A medium to tall hairy annual with bright yellow, scented flowers, 13-16mm long that are borne in whorls. The leaflets are  oblong and sparsely hairy.

Habitat: Generally on light acid soils, in sandy places and on roadsides. The plant is widely cultivated for fodder and as a green manure.

I have found yellow lupins growing on the edges of the pine woodland of Pinar del Rey and seen masses of them growing along the roadsides in the Castellar area.


Hairy Blue Lupin Lupinus micranthus

Flowering: April to June

12/3/09 - Between Alcaidesa and Sotogrande

An annual plant growing to less than 40cm high; softly hairy, hairs brown or silvery coloured. The flowers are blue 10-14mm long; the standard petal with a whitish central zone and the keel tipped with blackish-violet.

Habitat: Sandy soil in grassy fields,  road verges, coastal to mid-mountains in acid soils.

12/3/09- Alcaidesa-Sotogrande

We came upon these lovely blue lupins whilst walking from El Faro, Alcaidesa to Sotogrande where they were growing in large clumps on a grassy slope behind the beach.

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